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Tyre Fitting Dundalk

M & M Tyres Dundalk is your leading tyres retailer in the Dundalk area. We not only supply all the top tyre brands we fit them for you too!


Four Wheel Alignment (Tracking)

M & M Tyres Dundalk technician's will ensure that any movement caused by potholes, kerbs or speed bumps are rectified ensuring:

Longer tyre life

Better fuel economy

Optimum handling

Safer driving as a rule

Reduced wear & tear on suspension components

Similar terms like car tracking, wheel tracking or steering angle alignment are often used to describe the same.


Puncture Repair

If you have a puncture we can fix it. on-the-spot puncture repair service. Using the safest, inside patch technology, our technicians will ensure that your tyre is repaired to highest standards.

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