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How To: Check if your tyres are safe to drive on.

Recent studies by Advance Pitstop have noted that a concerning amount of vehicles on our roads today are driving on defective or badly worn tyres. The legal minimum thread depth across Europe is 1.6mm and it is imperative as drivers, we know how to check if our tyres are safe to drive on. If you are stopped in Ireland driving defective tyres you could be subject to a fine of €80 and up to 4 penalty points if your tyres are deemed dangerous to your and others' safety.

Most tyres have tread wear indicators and when the tread surface has worn away to the same level as the indicators the tyre is at the legal limit and needs to be replaced.

Here’s a useful hack: You can also use a €1 coin to measure the tread depth of your tyre. Place the coin into the tyre grooves. If you can see the gold rim of the coin it means your tread depth is less than 3mm and you should consider replacing your tyres.

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